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What is a Collaboration?

Video of someone introducing the topic

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Work through our staged approach to collaborations

Follow this step-by-step best practice journey through a collaboration

Includes plain speaking explanations, case studies & checklists

For Indigenous artists and Art Centres and all fashion designers and labels

Stage 1: Pre-engagement discussions

What to think about before getting started on a collaboration between an artist and a fashion designer

Stage 2: Initial discussions between parties

How to approach the initial discussions, what are the cultural considerations and how to achieve alignment between the parties

Stage 3: Managing the design process

How to approach the obligations and engagement of the parties throughout the design process, including agreements, sign-off points and protection of ownership and rights

Stage 4: The manufacturing process

How to manage the process of turning a design into a finished product, including contracts, quality review and sign-offs

Stage 5: Marketing and distribution

Things to think about and prepare for in relation to promoting and selling the collaborative product