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Best Practice for Indigenous Fashion

A project to gain a more detailed understanding of how Indigenous artists and designers work in and with the textile and fashion industry and to develop a toolkit of resources to promote and facilitate best practice.

The Best Practice project has three stages:

1. Facilitate a collaboration between weaving and textile focused Art Centres and fashion brand Helen Kaminski to build a deeper understanding of the collaboration process and the associated issues.

2. Identify the various ways that Indigenous artists and designers work in textiles and fashion and develop processes and resources to help facilitate this.

3. Bring together the learnings from the project into a toolkit of best practices and an education program for Indigenous artists and designers working in textiles and fashion to be launched through 2022 and 2023.

Above | Pandanus Mat at DAAF 2018. Photo by Dylan Buckee

Supported by

IFP Safeguards First Nations Interests with Guide to Best Practice

A collaboration model to support commercial partnerships in the Australian fashion industry – see what IFP have been working on with Helen Kaminski and our Art Centres…

The Journey to Best Practice

Indigenous Fashion Projects, in collaboration with IP Australia and Arts Law, is addressing an important gap in the burgeoning Indigenous fashion and textile industry.


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